This Week Jan 28

Dear Ohev Tzedek Congregants and Friends,

Judaism is a Way of Life. It is important to practice our beliefs through prayer, our deeds, and education.  Seeking knowledge to learn from our past and to understand our present is imperative beyond childhood schooling or Shabbat service in order to guide our future. Whether it is through adult education classes, personal study or community events there are so many great ways to expand our minds religiously and culturally. If you are blessed with the opportunity to visit, very few places are as inspirational and breathtaking as Israel. Our own, Rabbi Dario Hunter and a few of our members can attest to this based on their own journeys.  We also recommend attending a class, local cultural event or exploring the many ‘genuine’ resources online.

Every week we provide an abbreviated list of upcoming activities in our ‘In the Community’ section. For instance, the Jewish Community Center in Youngstown, Ohio is holding an event on February 20th that should prove to be an interesting experience. It is a chance to enjoy a light, traditional Bedouin meal while diving into the historic and contemporary world of Bedouins in Israel.

Jewish & Israel Study Resources:

Learn more about The Bedouin in Israel from
Israel’s Vibrant Jewish Ethnic Mix from
What is so Special About the 7 Species of Fruit Which Israel Was Blessed from

Please remember to check out the ‘In the Community’ and ‘RSVP’ section for more event info.

Have an amazing week! Shalom.

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