Add Your Voice to Ohev Tzedek’s Future Course

jerryhaberJerry Haber, Synagogue President

It’s a pleasure to address you, formally, for the second time as President of Congregation Ohev Tzedek.  In this position, I will serve you for two years.  I intend to make the most of this opportunity to share and build together.

A while back, my immediate predecessor, Art, commissioned a group under the leadership of Maureen Drummond, Beth Holloway and Paul Sherman, to build a “vision” for O.T.’s future. No small order.  So many things to consider.

A basic component was the creation of a welcoming paragraph that reflects the composition of the congregation:  “Ohev Tzedek inspires individuals and families to embrace Jewish values and practices that strengthen Judaism’s role at home, in the synagogue, locally and in the broader Jewish community.

There is more on this you will read about in the future.

But, clearly, the strategies that once guided synagogues seeking to climb the ladder of success will not work today.  In the current environment, we must get better while we know that we will not grow larger in numbers.  A tall order?  Yes.  Impossible?  No!

With the leadership and inspiration of our new Rabbi, Saul Oresky, I’m convinced that we can become the most attractive synagogue option in the entire area.  Look at our leaders.  Witness their skills and commitment.  Know that our shared history has brought us forward.

In this effort to continue to build a “kehillot kedoshot,” a sacred community, we have already rekindled the light that has illuminated and made clearer our path.  Join us.  First, on Saturdays.  It may be just what you need.  It is definitely what your synagogue needs.  Wishing you All the Best.

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