By: Jerry Haber, President
Oct. 18, 2014

jerryhaberOur Friends,

In my initial newsletter entry and post on our website as president of our congregation, I welcomed you to a new way of doing things at Ohev Tzedek. By choice, out of necessity, just a fresh approach – all of the aforementioned (I prefer the latter) – you decide. You won’t be wrong.

In the days that followed, we prepared for and orchestrated a successful, meaningful High Holiday experience which many of you enjoyed. I did. My family did.

In my words to you during the Kol Nidre service, I touched not only on the tradition of service we have here, but with some specificity on two key components needed for future security: Leadership and Financial Liquidity. It seems that you responded and are continuing to respond to the messages you heard during the past month or so.

Strong Jewish communities are a critical component of vibrant Jewish life. Ohev Tzedek’s officers, board of directors and committees exist to support the development of efforts to engage and stimulate congregational life here. We must continue to work toward developing collaborations that will result in building capacity with synagogue committees, and supporting new standards – or better, relevant standards – of synagogue life at Ohev Tzedek that will renew and sustain our congregation for future generations.

The demographics are changing, and we must change with them.

It’s not a completely negative thing. It is a new reality, and I would not have accepted this position had I not felt that way at the time, but also felt that there were answers. For me, the High Holidays of 2014 only strengthened these beliefs.

In the days and weeks ahead, “leadership” will continue to do our utmost to advance our ability to connect Ohev Tzedek with people, places and things – by working to create opportunities for you to experience the SENSE OF BELONGING, meaning and purpose that participation in synagogue life can bring.

Do you want this? Will these things help you as your life changes and adaptations need to be made? I think so. I am encouraged thus far.

In the Visioning process completed by our congregation this past summer, we looked at the concepts of Ritual and Spirituality.
“We aspire to be a welcoming congregation that reaches out to newcomers and members of all ages and backgrounds.” We recognize and celebrate our commonalities, while honoring and cherishing differences.”

In the continuing effort to build a “kehillot kedoshot” (a sacred community) we have already rekindled the light that has illuminated and made clearer our path.

As I said before: Join us. First, on Saturdays. It may be just what you need.
Wishing you all the Best.
Jerry Haber,

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