Past Events/Programs

Scholar-in-Residence: Nehemia Gordon

Nehemia Gordon

Nehemia Gordon – Biblical scholar, translator of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and one of 50,000 Karaite Jews in the world – lectured on The Dead Sea Scrolls as Viewed through the Eyes of a Karaite Jew. As Karaite beliefs profess that each person should read the Torah and develop their own ideas of how to live as a good Jew rather than to follow the halacha (Jewish law) in the Talmud and in later rabbinic works, this lecture was particularly provocative.

Kreplach and Dim Sum: Yes, There Are Jews in China

Robyn Helzner

In this lively multimedia presentation, Robyn Helzner shared stories, photos, video, and music to explore the extraordinary history of the Jewish communities in Beijing, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Kaifeng and trace their emergence as the fastest-growing Jewish region in the world today.