President’s Column – March/April

jerryhaberPresident’s Column
Engaging Members – Creating a Connection

Dear Friends,

A particular phrase in our “Visioning” statement, as we seek to punctuate our work in truly meaningful ways, really hit home with me. “We seek to inspire spiritually, and deepen Jewish experiences.”
This is the “connection” that I and other active members feel. We are a “congregational family.” Though proud of the physical beauty of our sanctuary, those who enter our doors do so increasingly because of the “spirit” that is found therein.

As our Visioning Committee has told us:

• We are a community that is engaged and interconnected with every generation.
• We embrace each person’s need to define what it means to be Jewish in his or her own life.
• We accept diversity by embracing all generations and all Jewish family structures.
• We see ourselves as partners working closely with others to create a strong Jewish community.
• We respond to the evolving needs of our congregation, keeping members of all ages actively engaged using traditional and modern means.

To deepen the Jewish experience, we want you to come together with us. If you are looking ahead at a particular personal milestone or family anniversary – even one marking the death of a loved one – consider that it can be more meaningful if you share it with your friends and family on a Shabbat Saturday.

Whether you sponsor a Kiddush or acknowledge these events in other ways, I ask that you consider doing so with those of us who can generally be found at services on Saturdays.

“Through your great mercy, O God, I came to your house and bowed down in your holy temple in reverence of you.” (Psalm 5:8).

To this, I merely say that when we open our eyes upon concluding this prayer, let us see each other. Let us be with each other. Let us connect, as maybe never before.

Jerry Haber, President

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