Ritual Committee

From the Ritual Committee: 02/04/2011
The Ritual Committee has had a number of meetings with Rabbi Daria and Rabbi Josh regarding the Shabbat Services and how we can make them more meaningful for the Congregation. We have decided to experiment with different ways of conducting various portions of the Services over the coming weeks and months. In order for this to work, it must be an ongoing collaborative process between the Congregation, the Ritual Committee, and the Rabbis. We encourage you to provide the members of the Committee and the Rabbis feedback as to your response to these prospective changes. In this way, together we will be able to make informed decisions on how best to continue to improve the spiritual experience of Shabbat morning at Ohev Tzedek. Some things to keep in mind:

  1.  Remember: this is an experiment. As you notice what arises for you over time (what feels awkward, but later comfortable? Or vice versa? Or always feels awkward? Or always feels comfortable?), look around and notice how others seem to be experiencing that part of services. How do different parts of the experiment work for you, and how do they seem to be working for others in our community?  Talk to others to share your feelings, and to hear how the parts of the experiment are working for others.
  2.  Please  be in touch with any member of the Ritual Committee with your feedback: Booker Kessler, Neil Yutkin, Barry Davis, Miriam Davis, Sandy Kessler , Bob Rusnack, Mindi Einzig, Erv Schwartz, Irv Gorsky, Chaia Beckerman, Art Einzig, and of course, the Rabbis.

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