Torah Study for Christians

Rabbi Saul Oresky, together with Father George Balasko, just finished their series of monthly Torah Studies for Christians classes at Villa Maria, aimed at promoting conversation and understanding between the two sister religions.

Below are Rabbi Saul’s notes from these sessions.

5/17: Adding New Holidays to the Jewish Calender
4/19: The Symbols of Passover
3/15: The Four Portions
2/15: The Ten Commandments
1/18: The Book of Exodus and Civil Rights

12/21: Another Look at Hanukkah?
11/16: The Biblical Roots of Thanksgiving?
10/19: Sukkot, Shemini Atzeret, and Simkhat Torah: The Fest of Tabernacles, the Eighth Day of Assembly, Rejoicing with the Torah, and Their Respective Portions
5/18: The Counting of the Omer and Shavuot
4/20: Preparing for Passover
3/16: Purim and the Scroll of Esther
1/20: The Jewish Calendar – Tu B’Shevat

12/16: Chanukah
11/18: Yom Kippur
5/20: Shavuot
4/15: Torah Portion: Shemini
3/18: Introduction to Torah