Weekly Yahrzeits


Yahrzeits this week 

(25  – 30 shevat)

*Sidne Weisma, *Morris Prizant, Estelle Ortman, *David Leiter *Milton Kessler, *Matt Yanow, *Herman Sacolick, *Emil Huttner, *Salo Albini, *Ronald Mostov, *Kate Kirshenbaum

(1  adar—8 adar)

*Louis Rosenberg, Katherine Simpson, *Joseph Davis, *Rose Feldman, *Irwin Marks, Estelle Oresky, *Ruth Perlman, *Shirley Wolk, Morris Wexler, Justine Kessler, *Helen Allen, *Susan Roth, *Julius Markowitz

May their memories be a blessing.

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  1. Victoria Dolan says:

    Hello, My name is Victoria Dolan. I am studying religions of the World and would like to set up a time where I can come and take part in one of your services and speak with the Rabbi. I am looking forward to meeting and taking part of your beliefs. Can you please email me for we can speak about setting up a time. Thank You.

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